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    Different Types of 3D Art

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    If you look around, it’s easy to see 3D art surrounding us no matter where we go. It’s everywhere and it’s only going to continue to increase in popularity. From statues to 3D animation and 3D movies, the technology is advancing to make 3D popular just about everywhere you go. In order to appreciate all of the 3D art that surrounds us, the following is a list of some of the top 3D art formsinyo3dpicsept5

    Perhaps one of the most commonly seen forms of 3D art, statues can be seen in just about any city or park you may visit. They are usually depicting a great leader or a famous person from that area that did enough in their lifetime to get a statue built in their honor. While it varies from statue to statue, there are some statues that are truly impressive to look at due to their incredible artistic detail.

    3D Animation
    We see this type of animation all the time and it’s truly one of the more impressive styles of animation. Of course, when anything dealing with animation is brought up, everybody instantly thinks Disney, and that’s appropriate for this as well. When it comes to 3D animation, Disney is the king and brought us movies such as Finding Nemo, Frozen Toy Story, and Up to name a few. 3D Animation is primarily done using animating software.

    3D Movies
    3D movies have long been a question mark at the box office and for a while, weren’t predicted to last very long. However, since they originally burst onto the scene, they’ve continued to increase in popularity, and many of the top grossing movies that come out can be seen in 3D. 3D movies allow the viewer to become fully immersed in the movie they are watching. With things seemingly popping off the screen, it’s an experience unlike any other.

    Installation art is a genre of three-dimensional work that often utilizes specific sights and is designed to transform the perception of space within the area. Usually this type of art is applied to interior spaces, because the exterior version is often called public art or intervention are. But most times, these terms overlap. The overall purpose of this art form is for art to give the viewers a broader sensory experience, rather than just looking at a painting hanging on a wall.

    As you can tell, there are a lot of 3D art forms currently around, and this list only begins to scratch the surface of the entire list of 3D art. Take a chance every once and a while and appreciate all of the art that surrounds you on a daily basis, and especially pay attention to the 3D art.

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