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    The Future of 3D Movies

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    Have you been to a 3D movie lately?  If not, gather your friends, call the best party bus limo company around, and go check one out!  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

    We are currently about seven years into 3D movies emerging as a major part of the movie industry, though many still consider them a fad and predict it’s ultimate demise.  In 2013, the 3D industry was predicted to witness a major decline at the box office. However, the 3D industry continued to grow at a rapid rate, a trend that is continuing to be seen again and again.

    star-wars-posters-picOne of the biggest 3D movie releases lately was Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  The film was originally was not made in 3D, so it had some weaknesses in it’s presentation when watching it in that format.  There was a sequence of it made in IMAX, though, so if you were able to watch it on a true IMAX screen, the effects were pretty awesome.

    Looking at the financial side of 3D movies, they comprised of twelve of the top thirteen highest grossing films of the year in 2014, bringing in over $7.5 billion to the world wide box office.

    This year, there are quite a few movies being offered in 3D.  In fact, it seems almost like all new films are coming out with the option of 3D.  One I have enjoyed so far this year is The Jungle Book.  Watching the animals come to life and move around right in front of your face is a great way to really get into the movie.  I haven’t seen it myself yet, but Finding Dory has been on my list of 3D movies to watch this year as well.

    Looking into the near future, it seems that 3D films are here to stay.  With the global box office showing huge profits from 3D movies, and a lot of the more popular movies coming out in that format, it may be here to stay.  Another thing to consider is the growing amount of franchises and sequels in the superhero genre, a genre that is very popular in the 3D arena.  In fact, it is predicted that more than 25 different superhero franchises will be in existence by 2020.  Yes, that seems like a huge jump, but that is where movies are going more towards it seems.  In 2015 and 2016, more than seventy 3D films arrived in theaters.  The numbers of people attending 3D movies has slightly decreased since it’s reintroduction globally, but here at home, the numbers have stayed rather steady.

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